The Meaning of Food Supplements in Mexico
Presented by José Pablo Camarena

The 2020 IADSA Grant was awarded to ANAISA, the Mexican member association of IADSA.  This award permitted them to commission Bitacora Social to conduct a quantitative and anthropological study to gain a sociocultural overview of how food supplements acquire meaning in the daily life of Mexicans. 

The goals of this study were to understand the meaning and role of food supplements in Mexicans’ lives, generate arguments to support the benefits of supplements, and link supplements to the benefits that Mexican consumers expect.

The results of this study are presented in this IADSA 360 by  José Pablo  Camarena who led the research at Bitacora Social.


Speaker: José Pablo Camarena

Bitacora social, on behalf of ANAISA 

Degree in Marketing from Tecnológico de Monterrey and in Hispanic Language and Literatures from UNAM.

He has managed projects and research on social phenomenology in Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Chile on topics such as youth, financial anthropology, identity, health and nutrition.

Anthropological consultant for political parties and local governments in Mexico and Chile.

Expert in applied linguistics, semiotics and strategic communication.