Consumer Insights: Turkey
Presented by Samet Serttas

Turkey is a dynamic country with a young population that has been at the forefront of many developments in the supplement area over the past years. As the market has continued to grow, the Turkish association, GTBD, has commissioned a number of surveys to better understand the motivations of Turkish consumers.   Samet Serttas, Chairman of GTBD, introduces in this webinar some of the key highlights of this work.


Speaker: Samet Serttas

Chairman, GTBD

Samet Serttas is Chairman of the food supplement and nutrition association (GTBD), public policy research center (KAPSAM) and food and agriculture policy center (GIFT). Samet is also government affairs director of Herbalife Nutrition responsible from Turkey and Southeast Europe. He graduated as food engineer and has Msc degree in food production management. Serttas is graduated with political science at BA and MA level and pursued PhD on political science. He previously worked as senior agriculture specialist at USDA FAS and served as senior advisor at Turkish Parliament agriculture committee.