ASEAN: Harmonisation of health supplement regulation
Presented by Dr. BH Lim

The ASEAN Economic Community aims to create a single market and production base for the free flow of goods, services, investment, capital, and skilled labour within ASEAN.

In 2004, Member States of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) announced a major commitment to harmonise the technical requirements and guidelines for health supplements across the region.

After much consideration and discussion, the ASEAN Agreement on Regulatory Framework for Health Supplements has been developed to reduce non-tariff technical barriers to trade.


  • An overview of the background to the development of the Agreement
  • The main elements that of the new framework for supplements across ASEAN, ranging from definitions to labelling and composition.   
  • The key technical requirements for health supplements. 


Speaker: Dr. BH Lim


Dr. BH Lim has worked in the Regulatory Affairs field for two decades. He has represented the ASEAN Alliance of Health Supplement Associations in the ASEAN Traditional Medicine Health Supplements Scientific Committee since it was created. Through this work, he has been closely involved in the development of the ASEAN Agreement and the technical requirements for the regulatory framework in the region. Until 2019, Dr Lim was Head of Regulatory Affairs at DSM Nutritional Products Asia Pacific, where he was responsible for regulatory affairs in more than 20 Asia Pacific markets.