Botanical supplements : Key elements in the development of regulation and role of tradition
Presented by Basil Mathioudakis

There has been growing recognition of the role of tradition and the need to define the important issues to consider in the development of a regulatory framework for food supplements containing botanicals.

This webinar will introduce the key elements in the development of regulation for food supplements containing botanicals, including what role tradition can play.  It is based on a publication that emanated from the IADSA Expert Roundtables on Botanicals held in London in 2018 and Istanbul in 2019, where governments and their advisers participated in order to identify areas where consensus could be reached.


Speaker: Basil Mathioudakis


Basil Mathioudakis worked for more than 30 years in the European Commission, focussing on food legislation and nutrition covering a variety of dossiers including food supplements, nutrition labelling, addition of vitamins and minerals to foods, food information for consumers and nutrition and health claims. In 2004 he became Head of the Unit responsible for these areas in the Directorate-General for Health and Consumers. Mr Mathioudakis was also Head of Delegation of the European Commission in Codex Alimentarius Committees on Nutrition (CCNFSDU) and Food Labelling (CCFL). Since he retired from the European Commission in 2015, Mr Mathioudakis has used his knowledge and experience in training programs for government officials in ASEAN, India, Sri Lanka and others, funded by the European Commission, in China, funded by the World Health Organisation, in the Gulf States, funded by the GSO, and for advising private stakeholders. Mr Mathioudakis is Chair of the IADSA Expert Roundtable on Botanicals.