India: The Regulation of Health Supplements & Nutraceuticals
Presented by Dr. Joseph Lewis

India implemented its first regulation for Health Supplements and Nutraceuticals in 2018. Health supplements and nutraceuticals are food products that differ significantly from food products in appearance and purpose of use. They are often known as dietary supplements or food supplements, elsewhere. While being controlled by the specific regulation, health supplements are also subject to several complementary regulations such as labelling, claims, GMP licensing, import, food, safety auditing, that food businesses must consider and comply with.

This webinar provides an introduction to key regulatory requirements that apply specifically to health supplements and nutraceuticals, including definitions, composition and labelling. 

This webinar is based on a compliance document from the Resource Centre on Health Supplements and Nutraceuticals (ReCHaN), which is a collaborative initiative between IADSA, the Confederation of Indian Industry and the Food Safety Standards Authority of India. 


  • Understanding the difference between health supplements and nutraceuticals
  • Appreciate the key requirements to meet prior to product accessing the market.
  • A dive into the regulation of some of the world’s most recent regulation in this area


Speaker: Dr. Joseph Lewis


Joseph Lewis has more than 25 years of experience in the food sector and in regulatory affairs. He obtained his PhD (Tech) degree from the University Department of Chemical Technology, University of Mumbai and thereafter worked on a postdoctoral program at the University of Reading, UK.

He has held positions across food associations, academic institutions and Government committees, including the CCFS (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare) (1998-2006); member of the Scientific Panel on Food Additives (2009 - 2012), Labelling & Claims (2012-2015); Nutraceuticals and Health supplements (Working group). He was an Advisor to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, FSSAI (2015-2017).

He provides scientific and regulatory consulting in foods and food supplements.